Week 8: Commenting Around the World

Three of the blogs I commented on this week  are:




It was a really fun experience to interact with other kids who live so far away. My favorite part was getting to see how different yet similar we are!

Week 3: Favorite Family Fun

My favorite thing I’ve ever done with my family is travel to the beautiful island of Bora Bora. We spent the week jet skiing, swimming, snorkling, DSCF0297making sand castles, and eating yummy food on the beach. The best part was the jet skiing trip we took on the second day we were there for. After we had all lathered out skin in sunscreen we met the guide in the warm shallow  waters. The tan man instructed is to get on and follow him. As we glided across the clear ocean blue, we took videos and learned about all of the islands. Finally we made it to a small island crawling with palm trees. Our guide climed to the top, grabbed a plump coconut, and sliced it inhalf. After my family enjoyed some fresh coconut water he gave us a beautiful picnic that he had prepared. We finished off the amazing day by riding home in the sunset. That was the most exciting, gorgeous day I spent with my lovely family. (This image is one that my sister took on the boat ride to our hotel.)

Week Five: Food in America

The crispy golden stems, covered in salt, are piled high on my plate. What are they? French Fries. Fries are a very popular food in American all year round. People eat them with ketchup,  salt, ranch or even just plain. They are a very common side dish with any meal but especially hamburgers. They are made by slicing potatoes. Sometimes they are thin and crispy, sometimes thick and soft. Although people have different taste, mostly everyone in America loves munching down on a hot plate of French Fries every once and a while.

Beautiful Ocean Blue

Most people think of the ocean as white sea foam swaying back and forth or intricate seashells hidden within the rocky shores. Although it may seem like this to most people it can be the complete opposite. I laid on the moss like ocean floor pondering what I should do that would be a perfect end to summer. As I submerged to the surface of the icy cold water, I got chills all over my goose bump covered body. I looked down into the dark, mysterious water and it felt like a creature was lurking beneath me. Then when I came back into focus I directed towards my friends on the warm beach. One of them, Britlyn, was flailing her arms in digress as she yelled something that I couldn’t decipher. The other, Eden, was pointing behind me as she bit a huge chunk out of the ham sandwich that all three of us added to the quaint picnic we created earlier that sunny Sunday morning. When I turned around, frightened of what I was going to see salt water rushed into my nose and mouth. I gasped for air just before I was thrown deep down into the now ferocious waters. My head hit the ocean floor that before had seemed so soft, but at that moment felt as hard as a brick wall. The ocean didn’t seem too dreamy anymore.

When I finally managed to get my head above the water, I spit out all off the sand and salt water and replaced it with beachy air. It felt so good when my lungs filled with air and all I really wanted at that point was to make it to shore before another wave like that came upon me. Rubbing my aching head, I doggie paddled to my two concerned friends. After they saw that I was okay, we actually all started t laugh. Although the experience had been hectic, it allowed me to gain insight and knowledge about the ocean that I never would’ve completely understood before. I finally got that the ocean can change at any moment from calm, flat waters to treacherous waves. After I got home that night i decided to research ocean safety and I learned a lot. I am thankful for this experience because even though it hurt at the time it gave me more gain than pain. In the future I will know how to handle most situations like this and I’m interested in maybe even becoming a lifeguard one day.

No matter what happens to me in the ocean I will always love it. I look at it as the most beautiful, best gift mother nature could possibly give to our world. I spend a lot of time at the beach and one day I even hope to live on one. I feel so privileged to be near an ocean because many people never have been to the beach in their life. I find it really important that we don’t take the beautiful sea for granted.IMG_2069Photo taken by me on the beautiful island of Bora Bora.

Week one: Online me vs. Offline me

I am quite similar online and offline. Offline I enjoy hanging out with friends, making art, dancing, and going on walks with my two dogs. I use the internet for some of the same reasons. I take pictures and interact with my friends daily. I chose my avatar because it looks like me. Just like my avatar I have brown hair and dark brown eyes that sometimes turn green. When I was making it, I chose a green sweater because that is my favorite color and I love cold weather. My avatar is smiling because I usually am. I love jokes, listening to music, and going to the beach. Lastly, I am so excited about starting a blog because I have always wanted to. It will be a brand new experience and I think it will be a lot of fun.

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